Junior Golf Clubs

Junior golf clubs are clubs that are specially designed to be used by children rather than adults. These clubs can be purchased individually, i.e. club by club, or can be purchased as a set of clubs.

Junior golf clubs come in a range of sizes. You can’t simply assume here that every junior club will suit every child. Some are designed for very young children and some for older kids and teenagers. The sizing of any club or set of clubs is an important consideration to make here before you buy.

Most individual clubs and junior golf clubs sets will be listed at either a size rating or will come with an age rating. So, for example, if you see a set of clubs that are suitable for 8-12 years then this gives you a fairly clear indication of the age range of children that may be able to use this set of clubs.

Most manufacturers will produce various ranges of junior golf clubs. Some will be suitable for children as young as 3 years of age. Most ranges will go up in stages from that point, lasting usually two or three years, until the teenage years after which point your child may be ready to move on to adult sized clubs.

Many parents also like to start their kids off by buying them a junior golf clubs starter set. This kind of set will include a couple of clubs (usually a putter and a standard iron), some balls, tees and maybe some other accessories. This may be a good way of discovering whether your child actually takes to golf and likes it as a game before you start to buy them serious equipment.

In the past many people have simply used standard clubs that are cut down to a child size rather than buying junior golf clubs. To be honest, although this can work on some levels, it is not always the best way to go. The right sized junior clubs will make it easier for any child to learn how to play golf correctly with the right kinds of techniques and they will minimise mistakes and the learning of bad habits.

Learning to play golf can be a lot of fun for children of all ages and both genders. As already mentioned you can get them started with a couple of basic clubs or a starter set before you buy a full set of clubs. But, it is always better, if they show a genuine interest in playing regularly or in having lessons, to use specially designed junior golf clubs from that stage onwards